Real-Life Story and Blueprint Teaches

How You Can Confidently Quit Your Day Job, Switch Careers and Build A Stable Business Online…Even with zero experience.

Packaged in this new book is all you need to take that jump

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Are You Scared Of Making That Career Jump?

If you've ever thought about quitting your day job and going digital because you see a better life in there…

Or because your dream is bigger than your present job can contain.

But you're so confused about where to start or what direction to head.

I had the same worries while starting out.

I made mistakes like everyone else.

I made it work and finally I'm here to show you:

"What to do to make your journey seamless"

"Rookie mistakes that keep so many people trying to walk this same path stuck

and how to avoid falling into the same traps."

I reveal all of these in my new book:

Dummy to Diva

Hey! I’m FAITH

Podcaster | Producer | TV & Radio host.

Faithy has had a colorful and diverse career that’s cut across various industries including Technology, Fashion, Entertainment & Advertising.

She started her professional IT career as a Web Content Developer at NASA, she later expressed her creative side through styling and Asst. Creative Director for the New York based magazine –The African.

She went on to become a Digital Producer at Wunderman, NY and Ogilvy, South Africa before moving back to Lagos, Nigeria to pursue her dream in broadcasting.

Faithy has since produced and hosted her own syndicated shows on TV, Radio and other multimedia platforms across Africa.

Faith loves to play sports, especially badminton and basketball, when she isn't working or writing.

She listens to podcasts, salsa dances, balance herself with meditation, and watches Sci-Fi shows like Star Trek or The Orville.

She never misses a chance to eat Jollof rice and Dodo, fried plantain, which she loves so much that Dodo was her nickname in secondary school.

Today Faith resides between Lagos Nigeria and Greenbelt, Maryland, with her two kids and their pooch Jojo.

You can find out more about Faith at

Dummy to Diva is part memoir, part guide, and entirely helpful for everyone dreaming of establishing a successful career for themselves.

There's no time like now to begin!

After moving with her family from Ilorin Kwara State, Nigeria, to the U.S. in her late teens. Faithy as a young student who had excelled for many of her primary and secondary school years, had her confidence and drive crushed by a Senior teacher who’d made it his job to put her in a sunken place.

It took many years of struggle in her young adulthood, for Faith to learn from her experiences and once more apply her passionate spirit to the things she wished to achieve in her youth.

She shares her own journey as a young, professional African woman who took her education and growth into her own hands, bagging a role as a Web Developer at NASA, later becoming a successful Radio/TV host in Africa.

Dummy to Diva is a handbook for claiming your life, strengthening your much-needed confidence, and taking those first courageous steps onto your chosen career path.

Author Faith History mingles her personal experiences with facts and a big boost of you-can-do-it energy that will fire up your drive to crush your dreams.

Discover tips for:

  • Finding a Mentor
  • Developing and using your core skills
  • Connecting with your higher self
  • Gaining new skills by going digital and much more

An avid lover of self-help and spirituality books by authors like Neville Goddard, Ernest Holmes, and Don Miguel Ruiz, Jr, Faithy also has a message to share in Dummy to Diva.

She intends to encourage in the reader a renewed sense of knowing and confidence, using her own struggles and triumphs in learning new skills to push you forward into living your dreams.

"Dummy to Diva" May Turn Out To Be The Most Important Book You Own This Year.

This could become your "book of the year" and I mean it.

If you've ever wanted a business career book written for black women who are passionate about crushing their goals by going digital,

The Dummy To Diva is top on the list.

It takes you…


"I'm Not Sure What To Do"


"I'm Not Sure If This Will Work"


"I'm jumping on this,

I know exactly what I need to do and I'm gonna go do it"



Watching other women like you build a rock-solid business online…


Having the courage to take your first step, and then the next, and then the next…..

It's Time To Go Rock Your World And Live Your Dreams Without Holding Back

You cannot hold back after this.

I promise.

After going through the pages of this New Book,

  • You'll find the motivation you need to go digital and do everything you have always put off.
  • You'll be so sure what your next couple of steps should be while starting.
  • You'll find practice tips on how to find a Mentor in whichever space you choose to explore and build a business that works.
  • You'll get tips to help you Expand on your core skills, and monetize them to create the financial freedom you've always longed for.
  • You'll learn how to connect with your higher self and gain clarity in this journey
  • You'll learn how to expand on your skills, Gain even more and monetize them digitally.

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